Are You The One?



Are You The One?

People have always inspired me!

In my work as a therapist, every day I have the chance to witness, to watch inside the mind and the soul, discovering again and again, how fascinating our souls are.

They bring me lessons about life, and love, and happiness, but also about pain, suffering, and sadness.

I love books and reading, so with every person I meet, it’s like I have this open book in front of me. A new book that I’ve never read, just open in front of me, accepting my presence as a reader. A fascinating book that reveals itself not only under my eyes, but the writer’s eyes as well.

I’m sharing now a story about us and others, about connection and love, about what truly matters in life, while we are working so hard to make our existence count.

Maria told me about her childhood and the one person in her life that made the whole difference: her grandmother. She vividly, excitedly described the place of her childhood, as if she was there right now, bringing it to life, with all the colours, the sounds, the smell, the touch of her childhood.

The center of her Universe though was her grandmother’s garden and the table that she set up for her.  She remembered how she surrounded everything she did with her love: the way she would welcome her; teaching her to saw; buying her a watch when she entered grade two, or the blue umbrella.

Her Angel, as she named her, was the most wonderful person in the whole world, who left a tremendous legacy just through her Being, sealed in the childhood memories and the gifts that she left that become part of Maria, for the way she is today.

Maria told me that she learned from her grandmother to be happy without needing too much. She learned that life is simple. But she also learned how to give love to her children, just in the way she received herself. Now it came naturally to her.

A simple woman, her grandmother, with no formal education, who had a whole farm to take care of. And yet, each day, she made time to drop everything when it was about her grandchildren, making it look as if all her time was about them. She stopped everything to make her whole world about them; as if nothing else existed in her life, but them. She stopped to play with them, to listen to them, she sang with them and cried with them. She was waiting for them to come, as if the rest of her life did not exist.

In all of these, there was the memory of how her grandmother made her feel: like the most special person in the world for her, feeling completely loved, with absolutely no restriction.

That ONE person in her whole life that made the whole difference.

And later on, through the many difficulties that she went in her life, there were always the gifts that she kept from her grandmother that were the fountain of her strength and happiness, giving her the power to face all the challenges.

What was truly left from her childhood, was the Presence, the Love of her grandmother, with her stories, her smell, her hugs and with the feeling that time has stopped when she was around her.”

And this is where Maria’s story leave us,  inviting us to step back into our own Book of Life and ask ourselves:

Who is The One who just through their Presence made the whole difference?”

It doesn’t even need to be someone in your family, or someone that you wanted or expected them to be. Or if you are so fortunate, it doesn’t have to be one person only.  An Angel is just given to you, coming apparently from nowhere. But if you found them, stop doing everything else and tell them.

And, more importantly, if you truly want to give meaning to your life,  asking yourself:

For whom do you want to be that One Person that makes the whole difference?

Once you find them, there is only one question to answer:

When was the last time when

your whole world stopped just to be with them?”


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